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Diego Thomas
Albrecht Schmidt
Alma Cantu
Camille Jeunet
Jessica Cauchard
Andy Cockburn
Sriram Subramanian
Jules Françoise
Pourang Irani
Lonni Besançon


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If you want to suscribe to the Sigchi chapter mailing list, send an email to sympa[at]irit.fr with the title "subscribe sigchi-toulouse First-Name Last-Name" (replace first and last name with your names). The email content should be blank.

If you are interested in joining SIGCHI Toulouse, write an email to SIGCHI-TOULOUSE-OFFICERS [at] listserv.acm.org

Contact Address

ACM SIGCHI Toulouse Chapter
118 Route de Narbonne 
31062 Toulouse

SIGCHI Toulouse Committee

Marcos Serrano (ELIPSE - IRIT, University of Toulouse)

Jérémie Garcia (ENAC)

Célia Martinie (ICS - IRIT, University of Toulouse)

Please contact us by SIGCHI-TOULOUSE-OFFICERS [at] listserv.acm.org.

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