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Alma Cantu

ISAE-Supaero, Toulouse, France

12 December 2018, 10h15, amphi Bréguet, ENAC.

Proposal of innovative visualization and interaction metaphors for huge amount of data and/or complex data by taking into account user perception

Abstract: As a result of the improvement of data capture and storage, recent years have seen the amount of data to be processed increase dramatically. Many studies, ranging from automatic processing to information visualization, have been performed, but some areas are still too specific to take advantage of. This is the case of ELectromagnetic INTelligence(ELINT). This domain does not only deal with a huge amount of data but also has to handle complex data and usage as well as populations of users with less and less experience. In this talk I will summarize my thesis work on the use of existing and new technologies applied to visualization to propose solutions to the combination of issues such as huge amount and complex data. During my thesis I first analyzed the ELINT field to extract the issues that it faces. Then, I surveyed the existing visual solutions handling the combinations of such issues. I found that they were none that fit the requirements of ELINT but, as I was convinced that existing work contain at least part of the solution, I characterized visualization issues to describe the existing representations according to the issues that they solve and built a recommendation tool based on these relations. This gave me a frame to visualization design and highlighted missing area in terms of representation solutions. Finally, I focused on identifying new metaphors to complete the existing work and propose an immersive representation to solve the issues of ELINT. These contributions make it possible to analyze and use the existing work and deepen the use of immersive representations for the visualization of information.

Bio: I recently finished my thesis (on the previous topic) which took place between IMT Atlantique and Thales DMS (Defense Mission System) France under the supervision of Thierry Duval and Olivier Grisvard. I currently work as a port-doc researcher at ISAE-Supaero on the benefits of haptic interaction in order to face the incoming of tactile devices in cockpits. My research topics are visualization and interaction of complex systems by balancing the intakes of new interaction metaphors.

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