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EURISCO - European Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Engineering

The European Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Engineering (EURISCO) aims at innovating and developing new methods and technologies. It is strongly linked to the aerospace industry since its inital shareholders are Airbus, Thales Avionics and Aeroconseil.


However, EURISCO has expanded to various industrial sectors including the automobile industry, defense, telecommunications and education. EURISCO performs leading research in Cognitive Engineering ranging from human-centered development including organizational aspects, to work practices and technology in use. EURISCO is member of the National Center of Technological Research for Aerospace. EURISCO''s mission is to pursue those technologies that provide solutions for current and emerging business in European industry that produces and uses life support systems.

EURISCO has three main goals: research, networking and education. Its main interest is to better understand the way people interact with each other and create tools that enable them to improve interaction. Creativity, design and human-centered development are eurisco International''s major focus. EURISCO develops research with major industrial and academic partners to improve our knowledge of the way innovation changes our lives. Fundamental research approaches are combined in field experiments and design practice.

EURISCO is a multidisciplinary group of cognitive and social scientists, teachers, engineers and organization specialists. We welcome students from various universities and engineering schools belonging to EURISCO''s network of excellence. Student levels range from undergraduate to post-doctorate. EURISCO also welcomes professionals seconded from startup companies and multi-national companies.

The connection between research and industry is not a one-way relationship. There are multiple links that we try to develop among various actors of the life-cycle of a product. EURISCO''s personnel and students cooperate with these actors in order to acquire the necessary skills for human-centered design and cognitive engineering. Solutions emerge from structured cooperative work.

EURISCO seeks to establish international connections with the best scientists and professionals in the domain of cognitive engineering. We organize meetings, summer schools and conferences to this end. We strongly believe that excellence emerges from multi-cultural confrontations and collaborations.


Adresse :
EURISCO International
4, Avenue Edouard Belin
31400 Toulouse

Contact : Guy Boy
Tel. +33 (0) - Fax +33 (0)
mail : boy [at] onecert [dot] fr


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